Our Services

Dry Cleaning

The Dry Clean City dry cleaning process uses solvents that are environmentally friendly and harmless to the operators and customers. Our systems allow for complete immersion and bathing of your clothes to achieve true deep cleaning, unlike other discount cleaners who merely spray solvent on the clothes. Our machines use a unique design to achieve fast turnaround with high quality!

Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is another environmentally safe way of cleaning your clothes. We can utilize “wet cleaning” to garments typically labeled “dry clean only” to remove certain stains that dry cleaning will not remove.


We use state of the art pressing and finishing equipment that is designed for high through-put while providing a quality finish. From the quality needed for men’s shirts to the details and regulatory standards for military uniforms, we are experts in “pressing perfection!”

Leather & Suede

Most of our locations have an in-house leather and suede cleaning process allowing us to clean these items at a lower cost than other discount dry cleaners. Our leather and suede cleaning prices are typically half of what you pay elsewhere and we pass these savings on to our customers!

Household Items

Our machines are amongst the largest in the industry allowing us to thoroughly clean the largest household items such as comforters, rugs, tablecloths, bedding and most drapes. Not all household items can be cleaned in one day, so be sure you ask us when your item will be ready.

Much More

We can also clean your formal wear, wedding gowns and much more!

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