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The name Dry Clean City is not only about what we do, it is also about how we do it. Cleaner4Less is changing how you clean your garments through great value, quick turn around and superior quality. We are “cleaning up” the quality of the discount dry cleaning industry with our state-of-the-art technologies, environmentally friendly materials and efficient process!

Since 2008, Dry Clean City has been addressing and advancing two emerging trends taking place in the dry cleaning industry. The first trend, which is promoted and in some instances mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency, is the move away from environmentally hazardous solvents such as perchloroethelyne (perc) that are pollutants and carcinogenic. Dry Cleaners will need to use more environmentally friendly solvents and to expand the use of other environmentally safe technologies such as “Wet Cleaning” to garments typically labeled “dry clean only.” The second trend is a move towards lower overall unit prices in general and a flat, one price per garment pricing structure in particular.

Unlike standard dry cleaners, we offer these two trends as standard services. Through our quality and attention to detail, we have propelled customer service of discount dry cleaners to a whole new level!

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